Why are Mooshrooms called Mooshrooms in Minecraft?

By DakotaChase15 — May 13
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mooo + mushrooms = mooshrooms !!!!!!!!!!!
crazy but fun to do drawings per gli italiani:pazza ma divertente a fare disegni
There is IRON GOLEMS and u question the mushrooms?
@notanidiot you are an idiot. They are GOLEMS MADE OF IRON
MOoshrooms ar called mooshrooms bc they are cows that got stuck in a mushroom biome and the particles from the mycelium is seeds that grow the mushrooms on the mooshrooms
but thats just a theory A GAME THEORY
Who even plays Minecraft anymore it’s sickening
who even plays roblox or pokemon its dumb u ---
but thats just a theory A GAME THEORY
Everyone except you
At least it’s Pokémon is continuously spreading, unlike your ‘Blocktopia’