Daily Challenges

By Pixilart — November 07
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Pixilart will be releasing daily challenges, starting 11/8/2018. These are challenges setup each day for users to take part in. It can be just about anything, from cats to walks on the beach.
Feel free to provide a daily challenge you would like to see with a reply to this forum discussion.
Thank you! :)
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about a user or artwork. Please let me know. :)
HGN- UHHH Draw with only the first 21 default colors??
"I never drink more than 17 cups of coffee during any given trial" - Godot
Okay this came out of nowhere, but I really like, keep up the good work
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oh dang! can't wait to see what you do for it!
I have awesome followers! And friends!!
The first challenge was a lot of fun! Challenge ideas: A jeep, the computer that you use pixilart on, a city and a drawing using anti aliasing
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oh my god!! the pixilart mod team gets it together!!!! YESSSSSSSS
I'm kim, and I've been seriously drawing since the second grade. [I'm now a hs freshman]. I play the clarinet in my school's marching band. young, dumb and full of love for women. everything i touch falls to ruin.
Thanks for improving the site and keeping it good Byan. We all appreciate the changes, and your work towards making a successful mobile app. Also, Heres some Ideas. You should have Themes for each month/Week. Heres some suggestions for themes: Medieval, Cute, Superhero, Exorcism/Paranormal, Insects, Afterlife, Monsters, Outlaws, And Madness. Thank you for your time, and have a wonderful day, Pixilart and likewise to all of you replying to this Forum.
Not anymore time to kms
challenge idea a scarf
bad artist
how about a flying cat animation?
hi im kitty! my best friendos @starkusseesall @DJmangle87 @ChewyDaGoat @Plush-lulu @AestheticIdiot @FloweryIdiot @ChewysBrother @Homeslice @Sad-gorl @LayezDerCat @WasteOfSpace @Certus @Strong-fish-91 (follow these peeps) pfp+Banner: @moonjay | i make youtube videos!!click the link above to see my channel! i make traced bases!! bestest fwendo @Kawwaii-life
Your pet/dream pet (can b mythical)?
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