Vikson Albom

Wall Posting
3 days
You don’t have 50+ art yet so I’ll keep liking till I reach 50. I’ll probably like more though, your art is amazing!! And do you have any art requests?
3 days
Sorry I believe I forgot to give you your contest prize (a follow, 50 likes, and an art request)
April 25
Hi dude you gave me inspiration to draw a picture like your city (don't worry I'm not copying it) I'm giving you half credit if it makes picture of the day It would also help if you can give me pointers thanks
April 23
Holy heck you got the skills to pay the bills
April 22
February 06
hey want to join the flying island room?
January 21
Hello! My name is PixilArtist! I would like to invite YOU to join my Amazing Artists group! If you accept, reply with a yes, if you decline, reply with a no! If you accept I will tell you the single rule of the group! Also, never hesitate to ask questions r recommend any artists! If you accept, never hesitate to post some of your drawings into the group wall! Thanks!
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