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4 days
I'm alive but not well. I will try to upload some pixel art but i make no promises...
4 days
Chillin in Space.
Some more old at. A finished pic of some even older art i posted. I will be uploading a version without the bag.
May 08
I'm sorry i'm not uploading any pixel art rn... I know this is a PIXEL ART website but i'm still sick.
May 08
Chillen in space
Is she lost? Or right were she wants to be?
March 03
Sorry guys I'm still pretty ill so no pixelart until... well till I'm better.... Sry. ( ཀ ʖ̯ ཀ)
February 18
Jeremy Elkins commented on this drawing.
"I DoNT FeeL sO GOoD..."
February 16
My Happy Face
Like i said, i'll try to upload art when i can.
February 12
Jeremy Elkins commented on this post.
"And i'll try and be on here as much as possible...."
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