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Hi, I''m Starling, but you can call me Star for short. My sister is the best at art EVER!! @Chiggy I know I'm not even near as good as my sister, but please view, like comment and share to all my drawings. Oh, yeah I follow everyone so please follow me back. So my name is "StarLoveChiggy" Follow @The-Gamemaker :) I love drawing parks, outdoors, lakes food, heart friend ships and more!
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JTH @The-Gamemaker
when you off, many people was unfollowing you, but I'm not. I hope that we would be friend again!
April 24
JTH @The-Gamemaker
someday..... :(
April 24
December 31
uh... thank you for the like, but when will you back? nah! I will wait then...
November 11
Happy remembers day <3
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