Wall Posting
27 days
Hello! My name is PixilArtist! I would like to invite YOU to join my Amazing Artists group! If you accept, reply with a yes, if you decline, reply with a no! If you accept I will tell you the single rule of the group! Also, never hesitate to ask questions r recommend any artists! If you accept, never hesitate to post some of your drawings into the group wall! Thanks!
27 days
Wow incredible art! Would you like to join my Amazing Artists group? If so, follow the group, or just simply reply back to be saying yes or no! Consider carefully! Thanks!
November 20
It's been a looong daay, without you my friend, and I'll tell you all about it when I see you again
November 13
It’s been a long time, without my friend; and I would love to talk about it when I see you again...
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