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April 09
Dina Valentine
Hey matees - it’s been a long time since I’ve uploaded on this account. I fished through some of my old WIPS today, and I notice this drawing was there. It’s was pretty close to completion, but I think I never finished it because I didn’t like 100% how it turned out. I still don’t, but I realized it didn’t look *too* bad, so I thought I’d upload it here. I took out an hour or so to fix somethings and anti alias the edges, add borders, and overall just add a few touches of polish here and there. The last time I worked on this project according to my folder save file was February of 2018 [wow]. I don’t remember when I began it though so I can’t give a scope of how long this drawing took me to make. I used 20 colours to make this drawing [1 of those colours is used only for the border]. This character of mine was originally going to be Cresends mother but I’m retconning that: how can she have red hair, but crescend has blue hair? Anyway, I don’t think I will be doing anything with this ...
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SofiaDaQueen @Narwhals101
Why did you say that (I didn’t like 100% how it turned out. I still don’t, but I realized it didn’t look *too* bad) This looks amazing.
April 14
Fleja Moment @Fleja
@galaxyqueenari Thank YOU! @The-King-Pickle Thanks so much - glad you like how it looks c: @fgh Thank you, kool komment @ButterscothArt go for it haha @Narwhals101 Thanks haha - I think I could see that as well: I said that because it how I feel about it - thank you though c:
April 14
May 13, 2018
Aoi meets Maestro
Hey guys, trying to dabble in some Abstract art, which conveniently makes me immune to criticism, because my interpretation. Ok Im kidding; made this to get back into pixelart again [brush up on my skills]. This took about 3 days to make, and 8 colours [9 if you count the transparent corners]. Extras: Im back on my discord server so if you want to join the matees here's the link: Before and After animation for this project: . Link to the preview of this drawing if you want to see that again: . Tags: #Pixelart #Pixilart #Fleja #Fleja2003 #Veztar #AoiUchida #Stylish #abstract #Ista #skulls #bones #cloudy #cool #art #hashtag. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy the drawing c:
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God of Nothing @Geckoman
*plays Hollow Knight* *looks at this* be careful who you call ugly in middle school.
December 01
Sqeezu Arts @Sqeezu-Arts
"Incredible Detail. Magnificent Shadow Features." -Sqeez
January 20
February 01, 2018
Hey mates, here's the latest thing from me. This is a commission for @Plaguerider. This is also like my 5th time typing out this description and I want to pull my hair out. This drawing took me roughly a week to make, 11 colors and 11 frames. Before and After animation . Most memorable thing about working on this is probably the animating part- had the most fun doing that. Tags: #Animation #plague #pixelart #fleja #fleja2003 #sniper #gasmask #gun #matrix #cloak #skulls. Please enjoy!
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Wolf Song @Wolf-Song
I am’s so amazing
February 11
Kalos Baku @Kalos-Baku
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March 10
November 17, 2016
Jake The Boss Ghost
This is one of the #bosses in my game, all bosses are labeled with #skulls to show they are bosses. Hope you guys like the #drawing, and you might be seeing it in my #game, #TheNecromancer The Necromancer! Don't forget to #subscribe to my #YouTube #YouTubeChannel #TheGamerKing Subscribe:
adrian likes hentai @Kido
"Halloween season" do you mean autumn?
October 14, 2016
spoopy squish @minysquish
yes @kiaboo im just feeling spoopy, saying autumn is too generic.
October 17, 2016
Max Geldorp @madmax
December 04, 2016
September 08, 2016
Lewis - Heartbeat [Mystery Skulls Fanart]
I love Mystery Skulls so much ;-; Their music is amazing. I decided to make this simple gif, I really like how his face/skull came out! :D #gif #mysteryskulls #skulls #mystery #thistooktoolong #imtirednow
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