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Hello, welcome to my gallery. You can call me Fleja or Danny. I'm a 20 year old guy from Earth and I...
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Hey - Welcome to my secondary account! You won't find art here of the same quality or size as my mai...
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June 01
Titania the Tower [Work in Progress Lineart]
Hey matees… It’s been too long - and I feel like I start off the descriptions of just about all of my drawings as of late with something along those lines. I need to get back into the groove making art more consistently. Anyway, I’ve spent more time than I care to admit creating the lineart for this piece. I was working on lineart before this for another drawing a month before but I gave up on that one. Anyway hope you all like what you see c:. I have a new character featured here: Titania which is one of Amoura’s sisters . However after Amoura’s banishment, Titania quickly lost fondness of her. She is called Titania the Tower because when standing her head goes above the stratosphere and also because she holds a castle in her hands [in neutral conditions]. Special feats - Titania has no special abilities- but due to her size she has some unintended ones. Talking is equivalent to yelling, and everyone within a mile radius would be lucky to not be deaf. She only speaks in whispers fortunately. Ha...
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May 25
People Collab
#fleja all credit goes to @Fleja some goes to me lol, add urself #collab #base
May 07
Pixilart Collab Bases
Hey matees! I want to start by saying this is *NOT* a WIP lol. For the first time in a really long time I’m making something that is an open edit :0 . Details: There are 6 bases as you can see, 3 male bases and 3 female bases. If you choose to use them, you don’t have to credit me. If you don’t want my signature in the corner of the collaboration, you may also erase that :P . Anyway have fun using these if you want to. Myself and a few others found it to be fun to use if you use the Draw Together feature on this site [Link here if you don’t know how to access it:] which allows you to draw in real time with other artists. This drawing took me over the course of 3 days and 19 colours to make. Extra stuff I want to say: I notice a lot of artist here like to work with bases, and I accept that that is something that will never change lol. So hopefully with this people can use these bases and enjoy it all the same while working with smaller models that require some care o...
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gunty @silverla
sksksk i remember when u did the fledget spinner thing bruh memories
May 16
Nush @Snowytiger
May 17
Fleja Moment @Fleja
@Kirbkenzi @JasonToymaker don't doubt yourself matees - go ahead and use them if you like @MapleCheshire Sure go ahead - thank you! @RomanisRazor yes lol @Jackmaster1324 you can - you don't have to have my permission c: @ILuvAnime Thank you! @Silverla lol, well this is less of a meme @Snowtiger THANKS
May 26
April 09
Dina Valentine
Hey matees - it’s been a long time since I’ve uploaded on this account. I fished through some of my old WIPS today, and I notice this drawing was there. It’s was pretty close to completion, but I think I never finished it because I didn’t like 100% how it turned out. I still don’t, but I realized it didn’t look *too* bad, so I thought I’d upload it here. I took out an hour or so to fix somethings and anti alias the edges, add borders, and overall just add a few touches of polish here and there. The last time I worked on this project according to my folder save file was February of 2018 [wow]. I don’t remember when I began it though so I can’t give a scope of how long this drawing took me to make. I used 20 colours to make this drawing [1 of those colours is used only for the border]. This character of mine was originally going to be Cresends mother but I’m retconning that: how can she have red hair, but crescend has blue hair? Anyway, I don’t think I will be doing anything with this ...
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SofiaDaQueen @Narwhals101
Why did you say that (I didn’t like 100% how it turned out. I still don’t, but I realized it didn’t look *too* bad) This looks amazing.
April 14
Fleja Moment @Fleja
@galaxyqueenari Thank YOU! @The-King-Pickle Thanks so much - glad you like how it looks c: @fgh Thank you, kool komment @ButterscothArt go for it haha @Narwhals101 Thanks haha - I think I could see that as well: I said that because it how I feel about it - thank you though c:
April 14
April 01
marios avdenture (animelover17)
#oc #animation #nintendo #chalenge #mario #stamps4life #notaprank #contenthere #animelover17 #urmumgae #cute #fleja #art #goodart #cool #unertale #followme #likes #f4f ᵖˡᵉᵃˢᵉ ʰᵉˡᵖ ᵗʰᶦˢ ʲᵒᵏᵉ ᶦˢ ᵈᵘᵐᵇ ᵃʳᶦᵈ ᵘʳᶦᶠᵘʳᶦʳᶦʸ ᵃʳᶦᵈ ᵃˡˢᵒ ˢᵗᵘᵖᶦᵈ
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Sir Failsalot @TXSuperMario
Ders a snek in me boot!
April 04
Frisk @FriskPDreemurr
You shall be missed Animelover17
April 06
March 29
Amoura Nocturra
Hey matees, it’s been 2 months and several days since my last upload. So about this animated drawing: how many colours did it take to make this? I used 17 colours in this piece all from my Master Palette [18 if you count transparent pixels in the corners. How long did it take me to make this? Roughly 5 months, and the animation itself is 32 frames long. Who's the character and what’s her story/lore: It’s a character from a graphic novel I keep procrastinating to make. Amoura has suffered a big fall from grace partly from her own doing. Her character type is self-important, arrogant and lightly introspective. Well with such overall crappy character traits doesn’t she have some redeeming qualities? Well yes, although she’s mostly self-centered she actually does care for her daughter though because of the other traits mentioned doesn’t do a good job showing it. Her daughter, whose that? Hmm, well I think I’ll explain more in my next drawing which I promise will be finished in less time than thi...
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Is He Gay Or European @FilthyRat
I cant even with this Just DANNGGG BUSTER
May 08
Cheesy Kake @Raimu
Dang man. I've looked up to your art for awhile and let me just say, this is probably my favorite yet. this is amazing. wow. like, if I had to look up to someone for art, it'd just be you. are you made of magic? like ghbfkjghf.gklhd this is just amazing. I don't even know the words to describe this, it's wonderful! It's been awhile, but, wow. You've come far. ALso, P.S I hOpe You'Re doINg weLL
May 18
Fleja Moment @Fleja
@xXSugarQuakeXx Lol thank you! @Raimu Sorry for the tremendously late reply - Thanks a lot - it means a lot too. Im doing well now - I was taking a break to reform myself lol - I hope you are doing good as well c:
May 28
February 18
Gaia - Fleja's OC
@Fleja pretty much took half the day to make. Looks EXTREMELY GOOD. I even made it a gif ^w^ For those who don't know, this is what im guessing is Fleja's most known oc. It looked cool and complicated so I wanted to challenge myself and draw it :) and man did it pay off #Gaia #fleja
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Acryorta @Acryorta
Wow how did you give it that glowy look? Did you turn the opacity down on a white border?
February 22
January 12
The Last Survivor - For Fleja
Secret Santa backup request for my boy @Fleja , took me 2 days to make with 8 colours and many references to Flejas past art, It's a bullet ---- game. Had tons of fun making this and I hope you guys like it too :) #secretsanta2018 #secretsanta #Fleja
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BurnInGamerGirl Heck @SMASHAND
March 19
Blobella Flubs @TheBlobfishGirl
I just said to stop being unprofessional. Ha, fools like you don’t even know how to write megalovania in musical notation.
March 19
BurnInGamerGirl Heck @SMASHAND
March 19
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