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5 days
I love Pixilart! I once seen that my friend drew some really cool Pixel art and I ask then how and they showed me this site! I've been using it since May and on May 12th I finally made a account! This place has been the best for making Pixel art and I really love it! Thank you!
11 days
Online drawing now uses the new drawing application. You can also now view who's online if they are logged in while drawing. The max drawing canvas size has been updated as well. You can now go up to 700x700 pixels. Please feel free to let me know if there are any issues! Thank you! :)
17 days
Users can now allow only group members to edit a drawing. You can set this up by clicking on the 'Settings' button under the drawing, then change the 'Who can edit this drawing?' to 'Group edit' and selecting a group from the group drop down. Please let me know if there are any issues. Thank you! :)
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do you know de wae @BRUDDA
14 days
VeryRare @VeryRare
Thats cool!!
14 days
20 days
Pixilart now has two-factor authentication as an option. This is setup with the e-mail associated to the account. Facebook & Twitter logins will work as normal. You can access two-factor in your security settings. Please let me know if you have any issues! Thank you! :)
Raging Ani Attacks @Melamour
Alright. Thanks for the notice!
20 days
24 days
The shop has been updated. The shop landing page now shows user products. Customizing your own product is now located https://www.pixilart.com/shop/custom. The user shops are still in beta and being tested. Please report any issues to me. Thank you! :)
Kuroi Ryu @DragonKuroiRyu
The Sohop Is An Amzing Feature!!! I Cant Beleive How Much This Site Has Grown Sense I First Registered ahaha Loves!~
24 days
26 days
I love this website so much!! I have made wonderful furrends on here! Also I really enjoy making pixel art. This website is definitely one of my furravorites!! :3
January 01
Happy New Year everyone! May 2018 be a glorious and rewarding year for everyone! :)
December 16
This website. Is my everything. Okay, okay maybe im exaggerating a bit but this website is SO. GOOD. Sure it has a few mishaps here and there but for whatever reason, this website is better than any old social media, heck even the world. Even its community is so nice and kind and that I would wish it was like that every day (same thing with the undertale fandom.) So overall very nice job Pixilart. Very nice job indeed.
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Jeb @RaisinOat
I think it would be better if we can rotate stuff, select it, the rotate it using the "rotating" tool!
December 22
Alexandra estrelinha @alex-estrelinh
I don’t like the picture of my profile because I’m a girl not a boy
December 23
Breanna @Photographylvr
@alex-estrelinh you can change you profile picture with one you have in your gallery on your profile.
December 26
December 13
This site is better than any drawing platform I've ever used! It has no tracing, and the ability to post drawing and comment and like AND post stuff that's going on! Also, Thanks for liking one of my drawings!
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PokeBrolic @PokeBrolic
well sorry i have not been here long. I havent found out how to trace even though i wouldnt use it any way
December 21
PokeBrolic @PokeBrolic
also thanks for that DepreNerd
December 21
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