If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about a user or artwork. Please let me know. :)
Wall Posting
2 days
Pixilart will be adding tutorial videos to the Pixilart drawing application for users to understand how the Pixilart drawing application works and/or how to create pixel art using the Pixilart drawing application. If you are interested in having your video added, please contact [email protected] via e-mail. Videos must feature the Pixilart drawing application. Thank you! :)
3 days
Voting has begun for the Halloween contest. You can still submit your submission while voting is in process. You can access a user submission by clicking on their image on the right sidebar panel 'User entries'. Good luck everyone! :)
26 days
As a reminder. Please report any content that is not all age appropriate. That way any users who are being disruptive can be adjusted promptly. Thank you! :)
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Lily @kawaiistuff
Sorry about that, I didn't meanto. I tried to hit enter and it posted.
15 days
Belle @smol-bobtail
X3 that's fine
15 days
gummy the spoop spoop @Gummyrino
if self harm art isnt ok then does that mean gore art isnt ok? because i really like gore and that would make me sad
4 days
September 13
8x8 drawings can now be uploaded. Please let me know if you have any questions! Thank you! :)
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how to publish drawing im new?
27 days
Anxiety @StrangestPerson
Oh YeEeEs. ThAnK yOu!
24 days
floof @flooflewolf
aww yee i love smol drawings
14 days
September 05
Thank you everyone for reporting users and content that is not appropriate for all ages. Your continued response to help prevent spam, trolls, bullying, hurtful content is helping the community. Thank you! :)
August 31
Thank you everyone who participated in the Back-to-School contest. The winners have been contacted. More contests with more prizes are expected in the near future. Thank you! :)
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on i a @kittenghost
23 days
Anxiety @StrangestPerson
Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!
23 days
Charles @youtubetv
7 days
August 27
Users can now favorite stamps. Staring a stamp allows you to easily access a stamp that previously harder to find. Please let me know if you have any issues or questions. Thank you! :)
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spoop rabbit @theep
yey! Thanks!
August 30
lord explosion murder @SmolflufWuf
ooh yes just what we need*cough*! more ----! get rid of public stamps! they only have one use! to give users an excuse to be lazy!
September 02
Tom @thebradyfamily2
thank you so very much for inventing this game pixilart
September 09
August 03
Back to School Contest
Pixilart's official contest "Back to School" is live. Check it out: https://www.pixilart.com/contest/back-to-school-3cf09699a5a141a. Please feel free to let me now if you have any questions! Thank you and good luck! :)
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Count Evan @8-bit-adventure
I'm not sure if this happened because I wasn't drawing when this contest was voted on, but it might be nice to provide a small voting notification in one of the toolbars on the site to increase traffic. I would also love to see more frequent contests at regular intervals.
30 days
Pixilart @Pixilart
@8-bit-adventure There are plans to notify more users to enter contests. For example; e-mails and social media. More contests are expected soon! Thanks for the feedback!
30 days
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