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2 days ago
i have no games to play because i got bad grades but im getting them up now. pixilart keeps me busy and its fun :P
3 days ago
I love this website. This website keeps me from being bored, from being alone when I have free time. I love to draw and roleplay, and make friends. Going on Pixilart is literally in my daily schedule. Im not sure if you see this, but I hope you do.
4 days ago
a friend showed my this site and i've already made my 8th drawing :D
5 days ago
I love this website already!! but i think there should be a way to private msg..
Aaron Bleyaert @akbleyaert
I know right!
19 hours ago
9 days ago
What would I do without this AMAZING WEBSITE AHHHH
23 days ago
I luv this site to be honest If I hadn found this site and met ella I wouuldnt be alive right now
Pixilart @Pixilart
No problem! Please let me know if you have anymore feedback or suggestions. Thank you! :)
29 days ago
Average Joe @Average-Joe
yeah great update, but i have one question, does the money that people spend on buying peoples art on cups and shirts and stuff go to pixil art or the person who created the art in the first place?
27 days ago
October 16
Logo Grayscale
Logo grayscale
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CrossoverQueen @CrossoverQueen
I would totally put this on a shirt if I had any money.
October 21
DJ DRAKE @Cookiethedog
28 days ago
October 16
Logo Center
Logo Center
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Skinny Penis @TripleHomicide
@Clown I was just thinking about that ;0
12 days ago
It s almost turkey day @Clown
Dank minds think alike
12 days ago
October 16
Logo Pattern
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Kuroi Ryu @DragonKuroiRyu
wow really??? Two YEARS! haha, Ilove you pixilart
October 16
Pablo @TheDestroyer
@Pixilart Are you my Friend
October 16
Skinny Penis @TripleHomicide
you must really love your logo
12 days ago
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