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Shrek: The Musical is great. I also enjoy Nightmare Before Christmas, 42nd Street, BMC, Dear Evan Hansen, The Aristocats, Toy Story, the Warriors series by Erin Hunter, The Legend of Zelda, Percy Jackson, among other things. So yeah. And also: “Everybody wants to be a cat” don’t deny it
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4 hrs
I explicitly remember my dad saying I’m allowed to Hades town, I hope it’s appropriate otherwise if he apparently didn’t say I could listen to it I’ll be fine
5 hrs
I can confirm 42nd Street has lot of ---- ladies :)
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Shrek The Musical @Pinocchio
:( it still is a good musical, but I guess My Hero Academia can not be beat
Cats are insane @Compact
Not in my opinion
Shrek The Musical @Pinocchio
Eh, it’s not the best but I guess I like it more so because I associate it with good memories not the quality of the show
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I miss him @Like-zoinks-man
um i don't have another drawing but i'll draw one for refrence
Shrek The Musical @Pinocchio
Thank you, sorry for the trouble
6 hrs
9 hrs
----. Thought my parents said I could listen to the Heathers soundtrack. Apparently they didnt(?) So I’m screwed now. “At least it isn’t as bad as Book of Mormon” is gonna be my argument
10 hrs
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Hello, humans (or thingamabobs). I am self-centered, hypocritical, and extremely annoying. This does not excuse my actions. I also have a low work ethic. Also, requests? I can’t do gifs, but if you send me a link I can draw your character or setting
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