cool logos

by Henry @henrybento3050 on May 22, 2018
Henry @henrybento3050
June 19
I just picked this as a picture. I don't understand, I searched wolf and found this
Jo @Kena-YT
March 14
Im so annoyed that you have completely copywrited the picture i made, how dare you ?. People are asking you to use id as there youtube profilez but they should be asking me! If you want to check out my channel its Kena YT. i hope you delete this immidietly otherwise it will be removed by pixilart for copywright reasons!
Rony @liungrony23
February 10
Mail me in [email protected] , i just need your permission of this pict
Henry @henrybento3050
December 06
just search wolf logo and go down about 20 images
Jaylan @MidNight55517
November 17
can i use this for my YouTube My YouTube is YT MidNight and i was looking at it and i thought it looked perfect for it
Rony @liungrony23
August 31
If u read it , contact me for the next discussion
Rony @liungrony23
August 31
Hey , can i get your contact? I wanna take this logo to my team logo , WA 085345172900 or Line liung_rony23