Most of my sketches are public edit so feel free to color them! Just give credit pls~ Started 12/17/16 ( ̄▽ ̄) ---------------------------------------------------------------- Busy af making hot bois fk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ -- I usually post more in 'photos' instead of actual PA drawings----------------------- prof pics/banners usually by me (cept if it's a meme/haikyuu)
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January 22
Hello! My name is PixilArtist! I would like to invite YOU to join my Amazing Artists group! If you accept, reply with a yes, if you decline, reply with a no! If you accept I will tell you the single rule of the group! Also, never hesitate to ask questions r recommend any artists! If you accept, never hesitate to post some of your drawings into the group wall! Thanks!
January 12
zaddy rein
made a boi for roi
January 02
made an OC
i love him and his name is Roi
December 23
tis the season to kissu
kissu kissu kissu also i'm selling adopts: https://toyhou.se/~forums/5866.design-marketplace/87870.new-closed-species-8-adopts
December 20
i want to die they hold hands qq
im so happy. planning ahead finally semi-paid off qq my adopts are gonna be so cute together i crii
December 13
how do you make the shop button next to your name show up?
December 12
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"that's why i would've preferred it to be a light scheme "
December 12
holy ---- it's almost been 2 years since i got on here
Soc rates @Kido
good job
December 12
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