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April 02
if you have any demon/vampire/angel/etc ocs you would like to have featured in ouijaverse (story i'm working on) please comment!
aesthetically paused @alxha-lala
I have one, but Iʻm currently working on a redesign for him. Is it ok if I tag you in it?
April 02
March 12
ahh yeah if u have ig please follow my instagram its gracie.loves.monster,,, i like meeting new people
March 11
may go a small hiatus due to hectic personal life lol
Moonlight Magician @Sketchfloof
I hope things get better,,
March 11
March 09
drawing of my oc mason
m a g g o t @Tenebre
Amazing! I love the face's anatomy
March 09
Dylan Sewell @country-human
Wow mason cuts his toungue 2
March 09
March 07
Gracie commented on this photo.
"this is like 3 or 4 weeks old by the way"
March 07
this is uhhh the status of my art style,,, the quality is jank im sorry. but yes i really love this drawing and hope i get a new phone soon to produce better quality art.
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Willow Okami @WillowWolf24
I like it like that
March 08
i need to stop @Random-Rainbows
i think you mean the quality is jinkies
March 25
March 07
Gracie commented on this drawing.
"@Space-Dad thank you so much! it means a lot! "
March 07
i hope yall know as soon as i get a phone my content will get a lot better; its really hard to draw with a trackpad so im sorry for that
March 06
Wink Wonk
cute cartoony space buns girl i drew :) i love doing bust ups... and green jewels apparently
Space Dad @Space-Dad
Love the way you shade!
March 07
Gracie @nyanpandacorn
@Space-Dad thank you so much! it means a lot!
March 07
Space Dad @Space-Dad
No problem!!
March 07
March 05
i'm slowly working up to starting a big piece on here, i think i will do a sketch sometime today
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