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Borisu @Wickerbeast
Well sort of is better then nothing!!
14 hrs
✿ I feel like vomiting and my cheeks are numb, I keep biting them ✿
14 hrs
♡ Brb , gonna go stab myself in the gut 500 times ♡
cofveve @PixelCoffee
that sounds painful
14 hrs
bob @octobre
please don't
14 hrs
2 days
ⁱ ˡᵒᵛᵉ ʸᵒᵘ ♡
@BlueSparx12 ,, (U・x・U) ✿
2 days
i need advice on cleaning septum piercings-- i just got one and have. no clue how to clean it(which i should've looked up on-) and i will. but i'd also likta ask from someone I know who has a similar piercing- thanks. ;w;
D o g g T e e t h @Milkk
I would suggest cleaning it with a q-tip soaked in cleaner ( I dunno if they gave you any or not but you can always buy some disanfectant ) , And soak it with salt and water a couple times a week, I was advised to do that, but make sure to NOT hit it or pull on it at all for at least a month, and if you want it out get someone professinal out because you can rip your actual nose cartilage =) Hope this helps, Probably stuff you can find online
2 days
buzz buzz bee chels here @chels
okay- thanks, dude! this did help honestly-
2 days
2 days
" D o l l b a b y "
This is Emi, Emi is the new mascot for this account, the human one at least, she is my main persona and represents me more than any character I have!!, I am considering this as my " meet the artist " Due to everything being correct, except for the fact she's part cat. Anyways More information on what she has in her inventory: She always carries around her drawing notebook and always has her blue backpack with her, that has quite the collection of pins and buttons on them, She has an eyelash crested gecko names Parker and he's a little chubby and loves to sleep, She has a snapback hat as well and loves to sport it sometimes, She loves going out during the night and talking walks around town, watching the stars and hanging out in the gas stations,, ✿ If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to post them in a comment !! ✿ , ily ♡
4 days
I really need help on what to draw :"0 , please help
5 days
happy easter- may it be filled with pastel eggs and yummy candy.
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