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14 days
Remember when mp5’s were briefly a thing?
Naranc @PixelPot8os76
Aren't those guns
14 days
mab @mab
The OTHER mp5s
13 days
24 days
Now in the dairy isle: milk, with cereal already in it! Instant brekfast
Dotson Dotson @DotsonDotson
I need this in my life.
17 days
30 days
I wonder if Bryan will ever update the pa app
April 12
Since when did catching a cold mean that it hurts to move your eyes wtf
hotdog @milkingtheshake
maybe its allergies. Just chug a lot of pills and I swear you'll be fine
April 14
mab @mab
it wasnt unfortunately, it was way worse. it turned into the worst ------- sore throat to say the least. im fine now thankfully lmao
April 15
April 02
Ayo Bryan can we like. Post pics from the mobile app yet mate. Also half the time you can’t seem to post comments on anything at all
April 02
lil doodl
I really should start working on a pixilart project/finish The Big One lmao sorry for being lazy as spit
RetniW @RetniW
:ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:
April 02
mab @mab
:thankz fam:
April 02
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T V @Venom666
Lol i dont have friends irl and i do online scool so yea T^T 10 am
March 25
mab @mab
Ooooh right rightt I forgot about that lol (also sorri for the late replyyy)
March 25
T V @Venom666
XD oof
March 27
March 19
Heck I think I’m making a habit out of responding to stuff like a day after someone’s posted a reply oof. Sorry lol
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