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I'm 14. I'm pan and gender fluid. I'm extremely introverted. I hate being social. My Discord is MemeQweenXD#7532 I think xd
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28 days
U follow A LOT of people and a lot of people follow u back which isn't surprising because ur art's rly good. Was wondering if u could follow me pls? I'd follow u back, never mind if not ♥ Thx and nice 2 meet u
November 08
hi my name is moonlight wolf and i see you play animal jam can we play one day my user is aphpup30 and im a new person to youtube i have a channel mine is aphpup001 i only have 3 videos so plz like them and comment plz and thank you - moonlight wolf
November 05
Thx so much 4 following me! We hope u like the likes and follows we gave u in return 4 us reaching 100 followers! Keep up the gr8 work :)
August 11
The Yeemo Squad
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