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send memes pls, lol...oh yeah, i give credit to @YesKittyExists for making this bootiful pfp of mark https://art.pixilart.com/729b7a51959e142.png #artattack is coming out soon... als IM TAKEN BY @Cristina-tina SO DONT TRY PLS UwU
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April 12
Want to be part of my rp? Its called "The demon in the school" (and im le demon and normal me)
nic o le @Whyamibi
hmm if you were wondering he has a new account @ love-memes2 although i'm not gonnna mention him-- i think he 's online rn
April 20
March 26
Hey-- heard what happened about u and-- her,, idk if u want me to mention her name. Mmm,, miss ya btw. Just sayin--
March 24
;-; why just why im not that mad anymore but why ...you broke my hearttttttttttttttttttttttt
t h i c c h o n e y @ThE-PriNcesSsS2
.m. can you take me out your bio oh andddddddddddddd im going to bayside next year --3-- then i rlly get to see you
March 27
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