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*rolls in on skateboard* hey I'm here, I'm really weird And I'm bready to die Want to join my squad just give me a follow and share your art with me YEET Please don't judge I'm bored ~pfp by @WhoaItsALesbian ~ My best beans @WhiteFog @ArticFoox @ErrorTv @TheButter @retrotheia @WhoaItsALesbian
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The Holy Peanut @TheHolyPeanut
I LOVE IT! i t captures the despair he feels after certain events!
1 day
Hi ( I'm that 6th grader from school ) feel free to call me Allie :)
It all make Since soon @KatTheWack
k, and welcome the ---- hole of my page
Mamga 667 @Mamga-667
Thanks I think I'm gonna enjoy it here
2 days
My friend fell for a toxic guy and has had friend trouble for two months and I'm here watching her fall into depression and I can't do anything to help because she doesn't realize what is happening and won't talk or let anyone help, this is making me suffer I don't want to her know what it's like to be sad for weeks on end like me
It all make Since soon @KatTheWack
No one should suffer what depression is like
2 days
4 days
pugna spiritus {collab}
this was a collab with @Kappin-Mustard i had fun drawing this even tho i kinda procrastinated it [again im sorry kappin for this being so late]
Half Water Half Zoinks @Kappin-Mustard
Ohh! I really like it! Thank you so much, dude! Sorry for procrastinationg too, and I love how it turned out!
4 days
4 days
hnghnghgngh ifeellikehurtingmyselfbutidbeoutcastedbymyfamilyandfriendswhyismylifesounhealty
dog si codrum @parrotguts
no dont hurt yourself.
4 days
It all make Since soon @KatTheWack
i wont i just need to get my mind off of it
4 days
5 days
gn lovely people and if you say your not a lovely person ill find you and yell nice things at you in german while t posing in the corner of your room as you lay in bed
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