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4 days
Yo, I was wondering if u could do a collab with other amazing artists I know to make this one amazing artwork for my birthday? Plz. I understand if ur busy... (V●ᴥ●V)
5 days
Oh cool
Pixilart sure has great timing. I leave PA and Bryan decides to give me POTD. Anyways, this isn't me coming back, just wanted to see why my gmail on mobile phone was screaming all the time. k bye
10 days
woww... im sorry. im sorry for... uh... everything? not my fault though
10 days
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Some of you may or may not noticed that yesterday (or not, I can't account for all of your timezones) I deactivated my account. Little explanation first. So it seems like someone just decided to hack my discord and email (and maybe something else, but as long as it doesn't affect me, it doesn't matter). He decided to go through all of my private emails, started spamming everyone in my friendlist (and everyone outside of it too), insulting everyone or acting as me and basically tried to make me look like an idiot. Now we are here. Everything seems to be fine. Just to be sure, I deleted my discord and email. It's still tedious. Thankfully, most of the peeps on my discord were people I didn't talked with in a long time, so they most likely forgot about me. But that doesn't change all the tedious work. I'm not particularly mad, just annoyed and exhausted. So I guess this is me officially announcing my break from PA for a while. I have entrance exams soon and this incident feels like a wake up call for me to s...
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Bnutt @Bnutt1
omg im so sorry for you
9 days
c a r a m e l @c-a-r-a-m-e-l
NOOOOOO PLEAE|SE }]d]a[sojbha
2 days
NEEDS HUGES @jazzyjj
he already left
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