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uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh he - him, ill do u free drawings uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i do all my stuff with my laptop trackpad and its hard as FricK but whateves it works
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27 days
demon wip
Holding the lit match gently to the hair of your nemesis, you lay it, burning, into the pentagram. You feel an intense sense of terror and two glowing eyes form, floating in the air. Following the eyes comes the rest of the body of a young succubus. She is small and cute, with only one eye and little wings high on her back. She carries a bow and quiver that you can feel the terror radiating off of. She has four tall horns on the crown of her head. Various markings on her skin and face pulse and glow.
27 days
lime commented on this post.
"yeh! (sorry i didnt see this until now, can u send me a link to the char?)"
27 days
time 2 summon a demon if u kno what i mean
27 days
at any given moment I am mild to moderately confused
February 20
me, at the local public middle school despite having not attended class there in 2+ years: can i habve 1 cöökie pleas
February 16
You draw with a trackpad? That is very impressive btw. Especially seeing your art that you've posted, it's very beautiful and refreshing to look at it
February 16
Can you possibly draw my OC, Jade, as a demon? I saw that your pinned picture said you were bored, so I thought this might help at least a bit.
lime @jayevrd
yeh! (sorry i didnt see this until now, can u send me a link to the char?)
27 days
TheUnderdog @DrunkOnCyanide
She isn't exactly like that, but I figure to pick a picture that has her eye colors. Also, she's the one on the left.
26 days
February 16
WHOOPSY DOOPSY my guts have fallen out
February 15
sunt es sunt
quo es que e die tot e dead......... sleep..
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