Are you left-handed or right-handed?

By Frames — December 28, 2017
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I'm right handed ^-^
//Hello! i'm Bebo! ^^// //Pfp by: Myself// //I'm a digital artist who likes: Bugs/Chatting/Drawing (of course) and Reptiles! i'm new so any help is appreciated! thanks!
im right handed
♡welcome to my profile, were you can find cute drawings ( ・ω・)ノ ♡ im 13 and request are closed ♡ joined nov, 17, 2018 ♡ cool : @PurplePanic @Ringo-Bingo @MilkTeaa @AlexAPhox @BluuArts @sighs @Kitzo642 @Dopey-Dragonite @Lucky-Clover @PixelCoffee @Tabbycat @Terphic @Peppermint @Canyoupayme @YesKittiExists @paperjam @Rubenzozo @TheHolyPeanut ♡ irl frens: @CherryArt @lovers @SmolBeanKiwi
Im ambidextrous
I love to draw, I've been drawing my whole life, to read anything I can get my hands on, I hate coffee and I love my cats (Bixsin, Phoenix, and Astro). And I'm open for requests!
rightttttt im so boreing lol
I'm an oak tree. Lol idk i like pokemon and Warriors Cats. welp anyways... yeet?
I write with my left hand,but I tried my right hand a couple of times.
Hi, my name is @WolfieAmber but sometimes my sis calls me the Red hair lady. I love anime, books, BL, art, and I love Undertale. I have a sister that is @cutey-cat,follow her please!I also have a brother that is @cutetale-maker.I'm a 13 year old girl. I have a group called "Void Masters",follow and put your art there plz. I also ship people, and I love music.Call me Wolfie or Am. @contrubution .
Im right handed. i'm not too bad with lefty though
ambidextrous. i can literally draw the same with both hands
I'm 15. Pi~Day (Illusive Gender) "the inner machinations of my mind are an enigma" @Cherry314 My um..friend
I am Left-Handed for anything except when I need to hold things with two hands.
What's up! I'm just your average casual artist who loves Nintendo games and hates Article 13 trying to support people as much as possible! I'm always open for requests, and I will always try to put my best foot forward in being a great artist.
Right handed lol
...What's there to say, not like anyone would listen. I thought it was over, but, how could it be...I always think about it, always go back...then it comes back for me...