Are you left-handed or right-handed?

By Frames — December 28, 2017
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I'm left-handed. What side are you?
Right handed, but I'm trying to learn to write with left as well (it still looks terrible when I write with left)
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i'm right handed and kinda me too with darkstar! ^ i think it'll be cool to be ambidextrous!
Left handed if we're talking about writing and drawing irl.
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I used to be ambidextrous, some kid in kinder told me I was doing it wrong. So now Im simply right handed
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I use laser eyes
I don't even know why I am here.
Im right handed
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I'm left handed and right moused for drawing purposes
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Usually, when I write and doodle in real life I'm left-handed. But, since the trackpad on my computer is so small, I'm ambidextrous when drawing on the computer. ---- small trackpads.
My brother is left handed.
But I’m a right handed kid and this isn’t about him.
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