Are you left-handed or right-handed?

By Frames — December 28, 2017
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I'm right-handed.
I like art.
i'm right handed....but i can draw pretty well with my left hand......
Why is life so hard....why must I try to lie to myself all the time when there is no point because I know that I'll always be lonely and why do I try...for the sake of the people I call my friends..... "It takes a stronger person to leave a situation than to stay and fight for one that isn't worth it" I guess I'm weak then....;-;
Right handed
I like trains.
i AM 10 AND I AM AN ORIGINALS LOVER.and a lot of other stuff.
right handed
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my life is left i kick left i throw with the left hand i slap on the left booty cheek......BUT i write with the right hand!
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Im ambidextrious (haha cant spell) but tend to use my right hand more often.
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I'm Lefthanded and no one else in my family is
I love BTS. I am Bi.((I have a ------- boyfriend)) I love Linkin Park. And finally Ehhhh. "I Try, But Trying Isn't Enough." - Natalie Wilson
left handed, but i draw on pixilart w/ my right
old username: astral
I draw fonts and other stuff. Im open for requests AND at 500 I will do a special drawing Have a good day human