Who has a fidget spinner?

By ololloloollo — May 12
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i dont like fidget spinners but i started liking them when i got em today it is a red (fave color) one so who got one?

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Nope ;3;
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aweee ;_;

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I have one, but I got it for free so I'm not complaining.
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What's even the use of those things :/
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Its stress ADHD ADD relief focusing

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I have one. It was like a batarang but it was only for my cosplay that I'm working on. It didn't help to much with my ADHD. All the 3rd-8th graders are going crazy with them though. The girls keep complaining because the douche-bags in our halls are trying to yank our hair out with 'em. My middle school ended up banning them because of that but every once in a while someone will sell them behind school yards.
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@pagexistrash thats ------ up !

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I saw one in the range at the till but my mum wouldn't let me buy it. I don't really care though. What's the point in them?? (Well, unless you have fidget problems or something like that).
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@oreocat If you have ADHD or ADD

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