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Your art is really amazing!! I like all of the underwater ones!
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Butterfly Leviathan
This near extinct species of Leviathan inhabit the more tropic waters on Earth,But once a year they'll travel to colder waters to feed on animals like Seals,Cod and even young Orca.Unlike many Leviathans these ones are quite docile and only become aggressive when hunting or defending it's self,And since they are quite docile sometimes Whales will let a Butterfly Leviathan travel with their pod.Their near extinct status can be thanked to disease and poaching,And they are poached for their bones,whiskers,scales and eyes as they are used for medicines which doesn't actually work,Much like how Tiger bones are sold as medicine.A healthy adult Butterfly Leviathan can reach lengths of 8-12 meters and weigh up to 125 tons,And most of their body weight is made of muscles and this allows them to swim up to speeds of 35 m.p.h and lunge out of the water with great force.The only type of sexual dimorphism in the species is how males have 8 eyes while females only have 4 eyes,And even them some individuals a born with ...
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S c R u M p E t S @Mister
*reads entire description* wow thats pretty descriptive and the drawings really good
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The Sea of Lost Souls
The most beautiful and mysterious region on Ashus,The sea is full of exotic flora and fauna many of which are only found in this region of the ocean.The sea lies between the Mainland and the Spire Islands and the waters in this sea is incredibly clear and one can almost see the seafloor from the surface.The sea is full of thousands of unique species ranging from the common and pitiful Alexander's Arrowhead all the way up to the colossal Crimson-Fin Leviathan,And the flora is just as varied and alien.One of the many species of fish,The Silver-Sail Fin is one of the most recently discovered species,Having been found near the coast of the Spire Islands.It is currently unknown as to why the sea is named the way it is,But some say it's because of the otherworldly and ethereal in appearance.The Crimson-Fin Leviathan is one of the largest species in the sea easily reaching lengths of 27-35 meters and they can easily weigh up to 178 tons,And the mothers are one of the most protective animals on all of Ashus if th...
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dragonclan2018 @BlueDragon30378
i made this meh background
Chorus of Summer @Biology-nerd
You never cease to amaze me! Congrats on POTD :D
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Boat Goat @BoatGOAT
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Yval'Dal,The Owl King
This 2 foot tall shadow demon is completely pathetic as all it can do is fly and throw ----- of shadowy gunk,Which would only leave a stain on a person.It is incredibly narcissistic and arrogant and even believes it's self to be higher than Tel'Zanith,And the only reason this being hasn't been killed yet is because Tel'Zanith finds the pathetic being quite entertaining.When the King finds a dimensional rift it'll normally enter said portal and begin annoying the native inhabitants by proclaiming that it is the worlds new God,Normally ending with it being laughed at and incessantly mocked all of which goes right over it's self-centered head.The robe it wears is somewhat large for the shadowy owl leading to it always tripping and stumbling,Yet it never becomes upset about this or really anything at all...Yval'Dal normally shows off it's bright glowing crown and feathers often,And usually during the most inconvenient moments,And it is highly attracted by bright,smooth and shiny objects and it will steal thes...
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"No problem."
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"Oh I just followed your Cephalopod group."
EmeraldSerpent @EmeraldSerpent
Oh I just followed your Cephalopod group.
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Squidy Specifications @Squidy-Boi
Oh that explains it. Awesome! I think it was blank because groups just.. don't exist on mobile. I'm going back to the website thanks for following!
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Tel'Endith,The Herald of Tel'Zanith
The Last of Tel'Zanith's of children and one of the most like it's father in both appearance and power,It inhabits the same region of the Void as Tel'Zanith.Like it's father Tel'Endith can alter reality as it pleases and can warp to other dimensions and even other existences if needed,But it only uses these powers if absolutely needed.Tel'Endith is incredibly benevolent towards all life and if encountered by a being in need such as a injured animal it will heal said animal.Tel'Endith acts as a warning to those who have earned a grave punishment letting them know that Tel'Zanith is gravely displeased with their actions.Like Tel'Zanith Tel'Endith gives off a strange and arcane energy called "Zenith Waves" and this energy can actually give both people and animals arcane powers,But after 5-29 hours the affected being will die by being ripped apart into the Void...Despite being able to change it's entire form Tel'Endith in it's true form stands at a absolutely staggering 35 feet in height and it's wi...
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