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seLim @ecderha
eyvallah halil :)) fırsat bulamıyorum artık günden güne internetteki faaliyetlerimi azaltıyorum. burası da kaldı böyle
2 days
June 01
Hi SeLim - I hope you'll find time to post more art, your work is amaxing :D
seLim @ecderha
thx my dear friend, you been always a kind person for me thank you for all of it :)
2 days
seLim @ecderha
thank you my friend, i glad to hear that
April 20
March 21
Just dropping by to say "hi" and wish you a happy first day of spring :D
seLim @ecderha
:d thanks very lot @Biology-nerd . you are very kind person and i glad to you remember me. i dont have time this days. but i using instagram and my user name is ecderha . if you follow me, i can keep follow your arts too
April 08
Chorus of Summer @Biology-nerd
Hi @ecderha - I must be one of the only people not using instagram or facebook (otherwise I would totally follow you). Hope you are doing well (and maybe you'll have time to do more art here in the future :)
May 11
March 09
Hello ecderha :D - nice to see you making more art again! (I have no idea who Marcie is). Look forward to more of your art :D
i born 2day @username-here
marceline the vampire queen, from adventure time
April 07
March 09
February 14
home work
my cousins' had a homework about innovation and i drew an animation for their homework.
February 01
The Game of Thrones
i love the fantasy stories and dragons. that's why i drawed The Game Of Thrones' poster. i hope you will like it
Scully @HulkBaller77
Hey love your pictures, please drop me a follow!
January 30
Scully @HulkBaller77
Hey man thank you so much for the likes! means alot!
January 31
seLim @ecderha
@HulkBaller77 yourwelcome no problem :)
February 01
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