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13 hrs
Hey there your art is really good,i see request are still open if your not busy may you please draw a icon https://www.pixilart.com/art/kh-d-8-ref-sheet-81fce91952336f1?album=36135 and my friend's character https://www.pixilart.com/art/lil-bit-of-mikey-8186b45e6037f52 hugging thank you so much again : ) and keep up the great work
9 days
Just a test.
I wanted to screw around with hue shifting. Someone in a mutual discord server gave me a little lesson and this was me trying to apply what I learned. Not perfect, but I figured i'd post anyways because I thought the end result was pretty :)
13 days
Switching things up
I decided to do another animation on a whim and oh boy did I underestimate how long it would take. I know there are quite a few flaws, but I wanted to post this while I was still enjoying making it. 9 layers and 45 frames were used and it takes about 10 seconds to loop. Hope you enjoy!
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Paul @Mario-64
Can you make it so I can edit it a little bit.I only want to change the typeing
22 days
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"Try this one weird pill for weight loss. Doctors hate it!"
March 24
Wow, I know probably nobody is reading this but I reached 50 followers early this morning, which means (probably) 50 people like what I make! I don't really know what special thing I can do celebrate, so I guess if anyone has any ideas then let me know, otherwise I'll just keep doing my own thing.
Dcba @Dcba
Good job
March 24
SymnayaPtashka @SymnayaPtashka
Oh, man, you do really something unusual! Your pictures are beautiful and interesting! Keep up the good work, I proud of you!
24 days
March 23
Penelope the cat
There are two things Penelope likes doing: sitting in her bucket, and staring into the eyes of her enemies and watching them crumble before her.
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