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Oct 1st - Oct 31st 10,122 Entries

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Step into the shadowy enchantment of Halloween with our drawing contest. Unleash your creativity by capturing the thrilling spirit of this eerie holiday! We invite you to craft a distinctive piece that echoes the many bewitching facets of Halloween. From stirring apparitions to whimsical jack-o'-lanterns, let your artistry embody the mesmerizing allure of All Hallows' Eve.

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1st Place

Artist Pro 16 (Gen 2)

Equipped with the advanced smart chip "X3 Pro"

2nd Place

Deco Pro LW(Gen 2)

16K pressure levels BlueTooth drawing tablet

3rd Place

Deco Fun L

For Study ● Work ● Game ● Draw

Random Winners

Pixilart Shirts

Five lucky users will be randomly selected to receive a complimentary Pixilart T-shirt, adorned with their masterful artwork.


  • Must be larger than 8x8 resolution
  • The drawing can be of any colors
  • Can be an image or animation
  • Can be pixel art or digital art
  • Any sensitive content is not allowed
  • Multiple (10) entries are allowed
  • Must be 16 years of age or have a parents/guardian's permission to claim prize
  • Please, attach a short description of your art (Optional)
  • Use hashtags #halloween, #contest (Optional)
  • Upload your art to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and tag @pixilart with hashtag #pixilartchallenge #halloween #pixilart (Optional)


  • Deliver period for contest is 10/31/2023
  • 1st place is chosen by random within top 10
  • 2nd place is chosen by random within top 25
  • 3rd place is chosen by random within top 50
  • Random Winners - 5 lucky users are chosen by random within all entries

No purchase is required. Pixilart is not affiliated with prize companies or it's subsidiaries.
Due to shipping restrictions, we are currently unable to ship to the Middle East(Except the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia), India, and Africa. (For South America and some other countries, customs charges may occur and it is not covered. )