1st place prize

Nintendo Switch Lite

2nd place prize

XP-PEN Deco Fun XS

3rd place prize

Pixilart Shirt


This contest is focused on Halloween excitement. Create your best drawing around this spooky holiday! Create a Halloween drawing that resembles: Everything and anything Halloween!


  • Must be larger than 8x8 resolution
  • The drawing can be of any colors
  • Can be an image or animation
  • Can be pixel art or digital art
  • Must be the author's original work
  • Any sensitive content is not allowed
  • Multiple (5) entries are allowed
  • Must be 16 years of age or have a parents/guardian's permission to claim prize
  • Please, attach a short description of your art (Optional)
  • Use hashtags #halloween, #contest (Optional)
  • Upload your art to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and tag @pixilart with hashtag #pixilartchallenge #halloween #pixilart (Optional)


  • Deliver period for contest is 10/31/2021
  • 1st place is chosen by random within top 5
  • 2nd place is chosen by random within top 10
  • 3rd place is chosen by random within top 20