make an animation from a game wether that be undertale, bendy and the ink machine, fnaf, or even hello neighbor and granny the sky is the limit. now to the prizes
1st: anything you want (other than something from the pixel art merch store)
2nd: follow and shoutout
3rd: shoutout
Animatons Only
Voting begins in
Voting has ended
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My Babysitters A Vampire @Pjjotieno
11 days
i kinda stuffed up the mouth the blue haired one is the template the pink haired one is the one i TRIED to draw
My Babysitters A Vampire @Pjjotieno
11 days
all the lines are thicker the time i tried to draw it pixelling is so hard dont judge i like calling it pixelling
The Luigi Death Stare @ArtLoverIris
10 days
What does everybody else get, a like?
Madasyn Faldzinski @lovelife369
10 days
We'll nobody said that they were judging sooo
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