Avengers Endgame: Contest

Welcome to the Avengers Endgame Contest! Do you like Marvel? If you do, totaly complete this awesome competition to win epic prises!

If you win 1st Prize,
well done you'll recive and Captain America Award:

-A like on all drawings,

-a follow

-Invite to Endgame Fanclub

Second? Don't worry! Iron Mans got Ya covered! You'll get:

-Invite To Endgame Fanclub

-A follow

[UNDERLINE][BOLD]Third? You think you won't get anything either? Don't doubt Thor's applauder! You'll receive:

- Invite to endgame Fanclub (better than nothing, Right!)

And to all others, thank you, for entering, there will be other chances to join the Fanclub and yes, this does also make you an avenger trainee! And if any of you decide not to join...

Thanos to will [BOLD] not be impressed...

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cool man @acoolartist
12 days
im still making my master peice!!!
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