Hello !
My name is Magic, and today I bring you a contest based off of the anime-themed video game, Danganronpa! It will be open for three weeks, so that means the end date is Tuesday, May 21st. You can submit a drawing or a gif of anyone character from the Danganronpa Franchise. Even original characters are allowed! Now that i've gotten that over with, on to the rules and prizes.
1 Nothing that is unrelated is permitted. Only canon or original characters. Maybe a character from another franchise, but it has to incorporate Danganronpa in order to count.
2 Follow the pixilart guidelines.
3 No joke drawings, please.
4 Nothing inappropriate. If you violate this rule, or rule #2 I will report and block you.
5 Do not copy others
6 The art cannot be old, the timestamp must be that later of the publication date of this contest.
7 Have fun! If you have any questions, feel free to comment or post on my wall ! ^^
First place: A pixel digital request, a poem, a follow and a like spam.
Second place: A traditional request, a follow and like spam.
Third place: A poem, a follow and like spam.
To anyone who enters and follows guidelines: My love..!! And a follow and like spam.


I hope you all enjoy yourselves!! Thanks a lot for participating!
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Ivy @r0ach
May 01
does it have to be actual pixel art or can it be traditional
MagicPhase @MagicPhase
May 01
it can be traditional, too
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