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Hey! My name is Vick, I RP a lot on. . . a game, I minecraft skin a lot, I draw a lot traditionnally, and I'm the best in writing in my class! Cuz I'm French. My best friend who joined recently is already good at pixelart. She showed me a work in progress of Rouxls Kaard. I bet she's gonna get a SP! @akitkat thereeeee
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26 days
Heheh... I don't know why I'm on this platform anymore..? I mean it's just this platform that I don't know why I'm on it. I??? don't??? even??? draw??? here???
May 04
Guys seriously how do I login on the app if my account is Facebook bound
April 21
I should probably try to get a drawing out... I just, don't know how to do pixel art anymore.
April 09
To pixilart I'm probably a demanding kid but that's ok he can go and unsp that drawing right now because like an idiot I just came to realize that my "sp" doesn't deserve the title.
Fandomondaright nevershipping @CharaDreemurr20
also I feel like drawing villain deku on pixilart but each pixelart I do seem overwhelmingly big to me so I never finish any.
April 09
April 08
Hey. Guys. I wonder where Monoma c o p i e d that toxic attitude from. Get it?
April 08
Villain Deku
I dunno I felt like drawing him, it took about 6 hours though because I didn't actually stay and draw the drawing all the time. no no this biosh here decided to rp at the same time and it just fricked me up. Anyway I'm quite proud of the hAND (yeah no I'm not talking about mr handman here)
March 31
show me bnha art please uwu more precisely Deku, or maybe even Tododeku u-u I dont even know why I ship that I just do ._.'
March 28
Today, I decided to go outside for one hour, to disconnect from the pc. I took some music though (BTS), and just danced around, without really knowing the moves. I also took a walk, then, back to the town hall's parking, which is filled with puddles and is pretty much empty, except for a few cars, I decided to run and jump around over the puddles. I tried 10 times to jump over a 5 feet large puddle AND I ALMOST SUCCEEDED ONE TIME. It feels good u-u I'll do this tomorrow as well
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