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Hello, PA! I'm a 13-year old that loves RP and draws! Am open to requests. I try to be ORIGINAL, NO TRACING! Profile background picture by @Olesia! (AMAZING drawer, BTW and lots more amazing peeps!!!) Sometimes active, sometimes not. .-. Love seeing other people's work! Joined Pixilart around Christmas in 2016. All in all, I love this site, and if u follow me, I'll follow u back!
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4 days
Yang Sprite
Just a quick mini drawing of my OC Yang! Enjoy! :D (P.S. Should I do more sprites of my OC's? Let me know!)
Cat Box 3 @webtoonwabbit
it's similar to a character from Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi ^^
4 days
5 days
Anime Girl (^ ^)
(Sorry for not posting anything in a while XO) So, I made this in about a week and a half, and I do have to say that I'm also quite proud of this drawing (though there are a few technical errors with the hands and a bit in the proportions). Overall, there's a total of 6 layers, 82 colors (XDD) and 5 50fps frames put into the very short GIF. Anyways, enjoy!!! :D
14 days
Sorry For Being Ded X_X
I'm thinking on continuing with this, but let me know and critique me if there's something that I can do to improve the anatomy of this figure, (BTW, this took, like, 25-30 minutes, so I won't mind if u guys think if it's THAT bad (I honestly think it's kinda trash too, so yeah)) Anyway, enjoy! (I'll try not being dead that often, just busy with life XDD)
23 days
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"(And tbh, I can draw better irl than I can on Pixilart :P)"
23 days
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"And also, what's her eye color? (BTW, I'm debating whether or not I should draw this irl or on Pixilart, but that's your final choice. I'm getting started on your OC using both preferences, but u can choose which style of art u want me to continue drawing Yuki.)"
24 days
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"Sure! I can draw your OC, I just need to find the free time to start drawing her... ;-; What's your OC's name, by the way?"
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