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Hello! I'm a 14-year old that loves to draw! Am open to requests. I try to be ORIGINAL, NO TRACING! Profile background picture by @Olesia! (AMAZING drawer, BTW and many more amazing artists!) Sometimes active, sometimes not .-. I Joined Pixilart on January 10th, 2017. All in all, I love this site, and if u follow me, I'll follow u back!
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Dragon Boi ^v^
(This took wayyy longer than it needed to XP) I'm pretty proud of this drawing, especially with the scales and background. I used a helpful tutorial here on Pixilart that helped with shading and increasing and decreasing the hues of colors in order to get that smooth finish (Tutorial here by MortMort: https://www.pixilart.com/tutorial/nice-colors-hue-shifting-6) I probably spent about a week or so completing this, slowly adding stuff that I thought would look cool on this. Note, this was an on-and-off process so some days I'd end up working for longer periods of time doing this than other days. Anyways, hope u like it and enjoy! :D
4 days
Hey there,I see requests are open,if your not busy may you please draw https://www.pixilart.com/art/kh-d-8-ref-sheet-81fce91952336f1 take your time and take breaks and thank you again
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"Though, I did want to add a more "adventurer" design when creating the new design, so that's what I kinda ended up with when I finished the sketch."
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"Lol, well thanks for letting me know! :D"
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"Thanks for the critique! Just asking, but any reason as to why u prefer the old design over the new design?"
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