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Hello! I'am AussieWirraway (or Tom). I like tanks, planes, the world wars and other transport related things. I joined Pixilart on the 28th of June, 2016. Fell free to leave requests as I'm always looking for ideas. I live in Australia. Hope you enjoy my art :) Twatter: https://twitter.com/AussieWirraway Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ausssiewirraway/
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April 26
I'm going to stop liking so I don't spam the heck out of you
April 26
Hello, I love your work. Maybe could I make a request? If not it´s fine, I understand.
April 09
Check out my Pearl Harbor gif I think I’ll need some help but I’m still pretty proud of it
February 11
TransportDrawer commented on this drawing.
"10/10 would train track again"
February 06
can't believe people are still liking my pictures it's really cool. I'm not even active anymore.
January 01
I have a Suggestion, Why dont you draw a Hungarian 38M Toldi?
December 24
Have a Merry Christmas special friend. You really inspired me TransportDrawer.
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