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January 22
would you consider yourself a homestuck and if so would you consider joining my homestuck trash squad
July 22
I'm so sorry I haven't been on and drawing stuff recently folks, this has been due to the fact that I am now stuck to being on my phone and drawing on mobile is extremely awkward and weird to me... Until I am able to get onto a computer I won't be able to draw... I probably also won't respond to things. You can still send me messages and such, and I will get an email that you sent me something, but there's a high chance I will not check it out. If you would like to contact me, go to my linked website. It is a discord server, which is where I'm at most of the time.
June 04
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"@kitten44 Asriel was place on the bottom row because he isnt a character you'd normally see if you went on a neutral run, or a normal pacifist run. Just like how you probably wouldn't see Gaster on a normal run"
May 25
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"No problem!"
May 23
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"dunno if i did the anatomy right, but i tried"
May 23
Male Neko Base
Requested by @Tyler-Nelson | #base #neko #male #request
May 21
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"yes, i probably could. I'll get on that as soon as possible"
May 19
Tumblr Art Request #1
Someone asked me to draw an insane version of Alu so here we go. #blood #insane #oc #Alumit
May 10
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"@TedSH Sure! Just be sure to give credit where its due. "
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