Annihilator Coccyx

Little creepy guy who loves monsters, my imaginary monstergirlfriend & another xenostuff. (Tries to)Live in Russia and do uhh something. 20 y.o. (big mom's dummy), sitting in my room all the time. Sorry for my slow reaction (bears stealing my wifi) & MAI PIRFIKT INGLISH. Peeps: @S-p-y @Biology-nerd @Kyber07 @Can @turtle666 @Chken-lover @Dead4life @YesKittiExists @Tentakler
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8 days
ur paypal is down and u havent posted in forever, how u been?
17 days
Dude were'd you go man? I miss you we ALL miss you
23 days
Do you have an oc? if so, can you show me or draw me a quick pic of it?
28 days
oof seems like your college is a real tough one, saying you've been gone for 30 days
Bluu is good Bean @ShadeDarkeHeart
hope ya come back soon!
28 days
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