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12 hrs
Sushi in Space
Ever feel like you're hurdling through space, unable to go at your own pace? Palette used: Fleja's Master Palette https://www.pixilart.com/art/flejas-master-palette-8ddc4903c049d7a Feedback is welcomed!
9 days
Space Shenanigans
We all need some space. 16x16 #challenge
10 days
Toto commented on this drawing.
"Beautiful shading on the block!"
13 days
Hiya - since you came second in my Environment Contest would you like to join or submit art to this new group that I've formed? Let me know if this might interest you. https://www.pixilart.com/creative-compelling-eco-art-3cfb4b6c65
Toto @Africa
Yes, I would like to join this group! I think it's fantastic that you're promoting a very serious and very real issue. :)
13 days
Sounds of Spring @Biology-nerd
Awesome! I'll add you as a member right away, and you can submit any art that fits with the theme :D
13 days
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LUKAS @pixelman50
but do you live in africa
22 days
Toto @Africa
No, but hopefully someday I'll be able to travel there.
21 days
April 21
Congrats on getting 2nd place in my Earth Day contest (I'm still going to award you a follow because that drawing was amazing!). Thanks so much for entering :D
Toto @Africa
Thank you, I am incredibly flattered :)
30 days
April 16
Toto commented on this drawing.
"@Jrjdjfjrjskei Thanks :) "
April 16
Toto commented on this drawing.
"@alxha-lala Thanks :D"
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