Wall Posting
3 days
Ace's gloves ref
Fingerless gloves. Mega thanks to Nick for the blue tips idea. All his on that part
3 days
Ace ref
Sideways but eh. Slight proud. Might trace to show colors
3 days
It's a bit overdue, with all the changes I made, but never drew. Time to draw a Ref sheet for Ace.
3 days
Sometimes it's best to give up, step back, and admit defeat. Some battles just can't be fought. You intervening can make it worse. Ace's tip of the day.
3 days
So I tried
to make a meme. failed horribly, but eh, there's an attempt
3 days
Using big words does not make a squirrel a philosopher
4 days
Sending out a 4th SOS, we need as many nice comments for sammy as possible from as many people as possible. This is urgent.
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