yet here we are again

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10 hrs
best thing Ace has ever said 2019
10 hrs
a confrontation of the ages
moo -----
10 hrs
Usually I can vent on here, trust you guys, but there are just some times where I don't have a choice, I can't voice myself, I'm trapped. Life do be like that sometimes.
1 day
I saw something on my feed, and I must say, violence is always the answer.
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the cronmch king @i-tried
because you were the only thing nearly as strong as me
the cronmch king @i-tried
but now i must go vore nick\
jared thats gay @Peggypanda
I’m still alive ------
3 days
so minecraft pc servers, may or may not have gotten back into it
Facility exe not found @Invalid-Request
You know what I wouldn't blame you
2 days
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