If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about a user or artwork. Please let me know. :)
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27 days
Pixilart is looking for new icons/images. More info: https://pixil.art/new-assets
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Camerons Backup @Genji-Zephyr
That only searches hashtags.
Psychic Bulldoge @Psychic9
Oh. I must've remembered wrong. Thank you.
March 15
The issue where deleted layers show up again should be fixed now. Please let me know if you run into any other issues. Thank you!
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EVAN @yeetboi12346
jk the person already deleted it so no need to report that person
6 days
Thanks Wonder @Crazycoolkittie
Omg ty i actually was about to post about that
3 days
January 07
Pixilart is looking for new drawing application tool icons. More information: https://www.pixilart.com/forum/pixel-art/drawing-application-icons-4082
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joseph stalin @soviet-russia
can you make a ussr theme for this whole site like a dark mode but a Ussr version
Athletic Gamer @Caviness
*cough cough* What @pixilgirl101 said *cough*
January 05
Opacity has been added to the brush. Please let me know if you have any questions or have any suggestions. Thank you!
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Better Dayz Animations @BetterDayz
I am SO sick of the scroll in drawing! My mouse doesn't have a scroll ----, and because of this whenever I try to draw a line it zooms in and out messing up the line. I really hate the feature and it is making me not like this software. I suggest that it should be removed. (You probably wanted suggestions on opacity though).
January 30
Better Dayz Animations @BetterDayz
Umm... Nevermind, sorry I bothered you... Just found it in settings -_-
January 30
she attac @SonicDrawsStuff
can you put mirror tool in the settings?
March 04
January 05
The brush tool has been added to the drawing application. Please let me know if you have any issues or questions. Please feel free to leave feedback! Thank you! :)
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yandere ink @furrygirl55
hmm its realy glicht for me
March 14
Female Dream Neko @XxdreamnekoxX
Why can’t I add color to it
March 17
January 04
Coming soon. Custom brushes! Pixilart is currently looking for brush presets, if you would like to have yours added. Please tag #brushes. Brush presets should be less than 25x25.
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Rivers takin Break @Snowclaw
Hey @Pixilart I’m unable to post on people’s wall because it says “waiting for post to be approved” plz fix it
18 days
December 31
Your 2018 Recap has been setup. You can view yours here: https://www.pixilart.com/recap. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!
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the original fat rip @fshhbowl
you can curse on here, just keep it modest, pa does read posts on his wall, but he doesnt always respond
January 04
im paralyzer maybe @GrowtopiasNoob
eh, ik that for sure, but i dont wanna talk smack about my fav website
January 04
Lillie @pixilgirl101
*cough cough* sub 2 pewds *cough cough*
21 days
December 10
Night mode has been added. You can toggle night mode under your profile drop down. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you! :)
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Lit Queen Bishes @xx-lit-queen
Whats night mode? xD
February 23
am deactivated @SquirrelBoy
click on your icon in the corner and go to night mode and see yourself @xx-lit-queen
February 25
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