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Little creepy guy who loves monsters, my imaginary monstergirlfriend & another xenostuff. (Tries to)Live in Russia and do uhh something. 20 y.o. (big mom's dummy), sitting in my room all the time. Sorry for my slow reaction (bears stealing my wifi) & MAI PIRFIKT INGLISH. Peeps: @S-p-y @Biology-nerd @Kyber07 @Can @turtle666 @Chken-lover @Dead4life @YesKittiExists @Tentakler
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20 days
I made my first 3D drawing!!!! can you let me know what I should improve on?
21 days
heya :D u have permission to draw any of these or animate them and help me :D feel free to get other to help too but they must tag my name (u do too) : https://www.pixilart.com/yeskittiexists/gallery/album/kittis-pokemon-35539
Annihilator Coccyx @AnnShly
Hi! Sorry, Just came for a few minutes. My university takes all the time with their events x_x Next week I'm busy too, but after that, I hope to finally get back to arts, and I really miss communicating with you... Hope you are doing well
30 days
Meeri @Can
Yeah I'm doing well... I guess. I am able to draw for the most part and that is what matters (not being able to draw due to art block is horrible). And I miss talking to you too. Hopefully university is not being as hard as it is time-taking for you at least.
30 days
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