Let me tell you, buddy, there's a faster gun comin' over yonder when tomorrow comes. Let me tell you buddy, and it won't be long before you find yourself singin' your last cowboy song.
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4 days
bruh you the pixel art's verison of bob ross
7 days
Hey, I've talked with people about landscapes and someone told me you helped him to explain this person the basics of the landscapes. I'm making a landscape for the moment but I would like to know the basics because I don't really follow specific rules to draw it. I think I could learn a lot about it because I know you're a good landscape artist. If you could teach me some tips it would be super cool :D See you.
The Vagabond @8-bit-adventure
When I started, it helped me to think of the landscape in terms of layers. The different layers are more evident in my old stuff - https://s1.piq.land/2016/01/14/vZL6YhIsUwEbrxEko3p1hJFH_400x400.png. In more realistic paintings, the layers grow lighter and more blue as they recede into the background, so it's fairly easy to create a hue-shifted palette that looks realistic. I'd use references to improve and try to copy the composition in a layered form.
5 days
Tibipad @Tibipad
Thank you man !
4 days
9 days
I need 3 people to participate in my scheme. I have a plan, I just need you to have faith in me. I'm going to be dividing a landscape reference into 4 quadrants and I will complete one quarter using the reference before sending it off to the next person who will do as I did before passing it along. Who's up for it? Anyone? Anyone?
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The Vagabond @8-bit-adventure
You guys are awesome. I can totally split it into 6 frames. I will pass it off when I can.
8 days
I am D o G @Tsuni
yay! ur Tree tutorials are sooo helpfull
8 days
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BLAZE IS the ruckus @Canyoupayme
Oh my god- you’ve been kidnaped by Shrek and are communicating by subliminal messages?! I’ll alert the rest of Pixilart
16 days
ThundorFox @ThundorFox
I'll find the co-ordinates, we're bringing him back boys
16 days
21 days
I've been looking at your drawings for a long time, you're someone wonderful
The Vagabond @8-bit-adventure
Thanks! I didn't realize that others could see the full count with all of the stuff I've got privatized. I guess my 100th is this masterpiece - https://www.pixilart.com/art/my-t-shirt-7a3105036e55eec
June 10
Jessica @WhoPharrDid
8bit. Do you do commissions? Your stuff looks great
June 16
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