I was born in spring of 2001 (you do the math) My website link is my art from piq if you want to see my first attempts at pixel art (4 years ago now). Be aware, the site is only hosted during daylight hours (fluctuating depending on time-zone). I joined pixilart on October 28th, 2017
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10 days
I was in this national park recently and I almost thought about drawing something
Evan @8-bit-adventure
But then I didn't
10 days
June 30
Man, youre SO good at pixelart. Plz check out my drawings(and follow me if u want)
May 24
@golleygoop steals art, deletes comments, and blocks those who call her out on it. Give her page a look and remember to like and subscribe. Art theft is neato
May 20
you and your... actual talent... with your skill... pfffft.
May 08
Thanks for 300 followers everybody! I never would have expected to reach this milestone so quickly. You've been awesome.
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Aidan @Wolf
Congrats! I'm sure you'll get many more well deserved followers in the future :)
May 08
Strigif @Strigiformes
You definitely deserved the followers! Congrats!
May 09
a normal person @UndertaleIsSans
Congrats to you! I love your art!
May 09
April 16
i adore ure art can u follow me ill follow back!
April 11
Is it okay if i join your landscape group? I was sent here by @Biology-nerd
Evan @8-bit-adventure
Sounds good to me. You've got some really great art. Invite sent
April 12
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