Hiya, welcome to my page! I've prolly moved back to piq now sorry! Don't follow me if you want a follow back cause I don't do those and am not even active on this site Most of my posts now will be drawings I drew on piq or lil' life updates. Discord: https://discord.gg/sAN6Q               Contact information is here: https://goo.gl/UdTjV3               @creeperslayer098 on piq
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January 04
Redrew this to ---- time since I couldn't sleep I most likely will not draw anything new on this site however Original: https://piq.codeus.net/picture/458310/owo Edit: had to reupload cause wth is this replay s*** (also your description box is broken when saving drawings as you can't scroll up just saying)
June 16
what's the point of having this if I can't even see the edits lol
Bye @JeansBoi
I know that feeling very well, but not on that kind of scale.
July 14
June 12
noice a new fire emblem that i can't play uwu
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Moved back to piq @123fudgecakes
i don't even have a 3ds tho anyways lolol
June 12
Deactivate my Brain @Melamour
I'm dying. Everything is for the switch now damnit.
June 12
May 18
apologies for any like-spam and liking anything that was drawn like a million years ago. still hate having to go to the actual gallery and having to click on following in order to see stuff. (I really want the following gallery only feed back but i doubt that will ever happen so i guess i'll be wiped off the face of pixilart for another couple of months, please @ me if it magically comes back tho)
May 16
Something I drew for my school club uwu
April 20
King Lump
A request from Lumpkins on piq https://piq.codeus.net/picture/443731/King-Lump
April 12
piq forums are back 3 years after they died in the great bot war, god bless. that is all bye uwu
0 @Ajgamer
April 13
April 10
https://piq.codeus.net/picture/443138/A-Love-for-Art something I drew for the latest piq contest
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Moved back to piq @123fudgecakes
no i don't do follow for follows sorry. It's not like i really plan on using PA anymore so i don't see the point haha
April 13
Pot head Manue @Manue
@123fudgecakes ahhh well good luck there
April 13
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