Hello! I am Ennard(My RP, account. I don't own FNaF or anything like that ^^'). I like to draw sometimes when I'm not busy. After being trapped underground for years I'm finally living on the surface world. I still spend most of my time in the Scooping room and I try to blend in on this site like most of you humans and be "nice". So have a nice day on PixilArt. ≧◡≦. ((Here since 2018))
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26 mins
Empty inside, no matter how hard I try, there is no more pride, these tears I can't hide, they all tell me lies, and the hope had died, with my gun by my side, and the thought had arised, "but there is a way out... You know the rest of the rhyme...
45 mins
Why do cats love walking on computers/ keyboards?
1 hr
{] Finished {] Opal Flame
Yeeee! I recorded this! Yay, more new content that I've been slacking on. WOoOOOOooOOOooo! I hope you all like this, and once I get the video/ speedpaint out there I'll let you all know. (^w^) {] #Opal #Fire #Digital #Red #Scythe [}
7 hrs
I'm going to give FireAlpaca one more try before giving up. (-u-);
KowaiiEnnard @YasRocks
Seems like it's working, but it's taking a long time. I might have to extend this to tomorrow (.-w.-); *Sighs*
10 hrs
You Draw, I Draw (Doll)
OML! The proportions are so messed up. I'm sorry. Oh my actual God, did I go blind while drawing this? (X'D) My God forgive me for my non-proportionate sins. Any-who, I tried drawing Doll, @AKK 's OC. (.-w.-)' Go follow them.
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KowaiiEnnard @YasRocks
It's how people start off, learn, test out other styles, develop their own style, and grow.
Cyderma Outbrake @AKK
And, give a round of applause to the teacher, thanks for the lesson, Oh Wise One.
KowaiiEnnard @YasRocks
*Takes a bow* (-w-)
1 day
i. saw. season. 10. of. ninjago. today. and. i. cried.
KowaiiEnnard @YasRocks
*Hands tissue box*
Tree @Ilikeunicorns
tank u, tank u, *Le sniffles* u should watch it's amazing
1 day
Tornado warning until 8/8:30-ish for Fredrick County and tornado watch until midnight for the entire area. If you want me to research an area for the weather, I can (^^) Potential for flash-flooding as well. (Guess I'm a weather reporter now.)
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KowaiiEnnard @YasRocks
Yeeeeeeah, VA Beach should be on lookout now.. (.-w.-); Stay safe
KowaiiEnnard @YasRocks
Aaaaaaand- RIP: KY
1 day
Things have settled down though there is still a tornado watch for a few more hours. Just rain rn :)
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