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46 mins
I'm straight for JD and Micheal Mell smh
14 hrs
Is this what you want Victoria? A perfect family? A happy life? Yes. No, no you don't. You want power. You want to be better than the rest. I can be better. Right Vic, but what do you need to do to be better? Work harder. No, what is it you really have to do? Stop being a ---. Correct, Vic. You'll be cured in no time. I don't want to be cured. You have to be. No I don't. Victoria. What? Don't make me tell your parents what you really are. A ---? No, a ------.
14 hrs
Forgetting them only makes it harder. Remind, remember, relive, regret. Remind, remember, relive, regret. It's the worst thing to do, but it always works, Vic. Trust me. Repeat after me. Remind, remember, relive, regret. Have you reminded them, Vic? No? Pathetic. One more time, shall we? Remind. remember. relive. regret. You're terrible. I know how to fix you. You can let me fix you. You will let me fix you. What's that? You love her? Victoria, honey, we have no room for ---- here. You see that boy over there? He's cute. I'm sure he'll do. What? You don't love him? Too bad. I'm getting paid to fix you, and you won't leave this room until I do, hear me young woman? You're friends were right. You're just a sin. Sins, my dear, are evil things that ---- for fun. Isn't that why Anna died? Taylor? Remind, remember, relive, regret. Remind, remember, relive, regret. Repeat it. Remind, remember, relive, regret.
16 hrs
// why can't i just be like the straight kids \\
bruh moment @MagicPhase
straight kids suck wdym
16 hrs
23 hrs
The teen idle animatic by Szin makes me cry. Also JD is hot in it so like, i cri.
1 day
guess whos back commented on this drawing.
":0 Have a great vacation Beano-"
3 days
guess whos back commented on this post.
"We don't talk much. Sorry."
3 days
guess whos back commented on this post.
"Not yet, sadly."
3 days
im dissapointed im not on your close friends list D:
guess whos back @WasteOfSpace
We don't talk much. Sorry.
3 days
FallDuckz @BJTheKing
lol its gucci gang
2 days
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