April 28
This is kinda out of nowhere, but I want to thank @pixilart for everything this site has done for me. Before I joined, not only was I bad at art, but I didn't really have any friends...because of tips from people like @slinky and @fleja , I've improved a lot! And thanks to older friends like @artywolfgirl @melamour @girlwolf103 @kid and @kallum + newer friends like @retniw @acenx @triangularforce and many others...it may seem stupid, but you've given me confidence with my art, sexuality, personality, and so much more...thank you all for being the best, and keep drawing :3
Slink @Slinky
It means a lot to hear I made a positive impact! Keep on doing your thing! Thats the passion I like to see!
April 28
Almost Active @Aubergines
The good impacts of pixilart!
April 28
Bella @girlwolf103
*is happy for u*
April 30
ArtyWolfGirl @ArtyWolfGirl
aaawww! you're welcome! >u< and thank you too! I've changed a lot because of you and so many others here! im glad ur my friend Ella and thanks for being there for me as well. TwT I love you guys. (sorry for my mushyness)
April 30
Fleja Moment @Fleja
You're welcome - I'm happy to hear you're enjoying your experience here c:
April 30
The Midget King @Kid
Hey don't need to mention it, we will always ALWAYS be there for you. And thank you too
May 02