November 22
So amazing heartwarming story. In Texas this pixilarters 2 year old cousin went missing, and on a staff picture someone asked for help. Today while looking in the hashtags, I saw one of the most popular one was #SaveEli with 52 pictures with that tag. It was incredibly heartwarming to see so many complete strangers pitch in and spread the word for this one person. It is things like these that put a little faith in this world. Luckily Eli was swiftly found, but it still warms my mostly cold heart that these random people cared so much. I wish I could feel feelings
Sarah @CreativeCat
People are so kind!
November 23
Im ga y @WasteOfSpace
UwU < 3
November 25
stary @stary-the-star
ohh that is how eli is omg
November 25
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