February 22
Rip to anyone who doesn't see this wall post. Ok so, I'm gonna go, wow suprising. And there are a bunch of reasons why, pa is pretty dreading, pa is kind of dragging me behind, I'm not confident, and I need to work on my art more. So yeah. And right, if you ask, nope I'm not fully alright. So yeah that's also another reason. Also to anyone who has my discord, message me when Aj comes back. I'm mostly just going because it's the best for me, and maybe I can concentrate more without pa. And not have the constant feeling of guilt.
lol @dylanischillin
may i get your discord?
30 days
ohwow @cherryphobia
alot of us are gonna miss you-
30 days
Cess @Cess
We'll miss you Winter
30 days
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