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Greetings humans and non-humans, I'm a person with too many fandoms and not enough original ideas- I'm an animator and mediocre artist who needs a new art style and motivation.... Find me on Scratch (DragonOfPyrrhia). I've made 2 Undertale AUs (Mountaintale, Minertale) and 2 Deltarune AUs (Spookyrune, Shadowrune) please don't take them they're the only ideas i have
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20 days
Toothless Test
#HTTYD #HowToTrainYourDragon #Toothless Just a test animation of Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon. The REAL Toothless, by the way. The ACTUAL TOOTHLESS that TOOTHLESS was SUPPOSED to be in the movies but then they just threw the glorious book plotline out the window and introduced a glorified cat. As you can see... I am not pleased.
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Scales @Scales
*burst in conversation* I like cat dragon *runs away*
5 days
Unsolvable Cipher @Unsolvable
As unsolvable as my random thoughts floating endlessly in my brain.
February 14
COBALT RING @LonelyValentine
Bro, I’m a decoder, and I am a psychopath. I know what it feels like to have random thoughts. Want to join my infinity cult btw?!
February 14
Unsolvable Cipher @Unsolvable
Sure, looks interesting.
February 14
February 06
Hoi I'm firestar560 on here now that 3.0 sucks. Thanks for being my first follower. (on scratch)
Unsolvable Cipher @Unsolvable
Hi friend! and no problem!
February 06
Sushi Horse @Firestar560
But still. Thanks.
February 07
February 04
#httyd #HowToTrainYourDragon #Hiccup #Toothless #Wodensfang #DeadlyShadow #Innocence #Patience #Arrogance welp to honor the new httyd 3 that i watched, have a httyd drawing based on Wodensfang's quote "It's only paranoia if things AREN'T out to get you." Including the Deadly Shadow, Toothless, Wodensfang, and Hiccup in his "cunning" disguise. What do you mean, this isn't HTTYD? You clearly haven't read the books, my friend. (Edit: oH NO I FORGOT HIS SLAVEMARK HOW COULD I)
hiyayeet @hiyayeet
how to train your dragon 3 is coming out boisssss
February 06
Unsolvable Cipher @Unsolvable
@hiyayeet iiiiiii got a 3 week in advance ticket and saw it XD. It's goooood, and they actually quoted the book at the very end, haha. It's not as good as the first, but it's still a good movie.
February 06
hiyayeet @hiyayeet
coolim going to the movies with my closest friend to see it the day it comes out
February 06
February 01
Just a gift
Gift for my friend on Scratch. Ha, sorry, I haven't been that active lately. Lots of stuff to do.
915922 @915922
February 01
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