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Since we are supposed to put like our whole autobiography in these, here I go ---- hi, I'm Chloe , I'm 11, I'm pan , I'm an introvert, I'm dead inside, I like anime, if you every need someone to talk to I am here, I know talking doesn't solve all your problems, but it at least helps
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"Lol we were in history and autumn wasn't there so if I ever looked in front of me I directly saw you're computer screen and one time i looked up and saw 7 million pictures of big chungus"
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So I'm playing truth or dare with @calvinmochi and they dared me to post something I don't want to post so take this really ugly picture of me with long hair
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Okay so I'm about to expose 9 yearold me , because i found some of my old poetry "A sweet melody, a nice get away, sure it's a felony , but it's worth the price to pay, sugar coated lies , a black licorice heart, the laughter is drowned by cries , souls torn appart, (this is the mushy gushy part) , but then they see the light, their hearts fill with joy, but then they remember the fighting and screaming, the sleepless nights without dreaming, so they eascape to writing , and it's all okay, they forget about the past, this time the moment lasts, a sweet melody they say, as the fear and anger fades away" what the heck was 9 year old me on
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